Object of the Day

Texas Tech Saddle Tramp Uniform, 1936-1937

This Saturday the Texas Tech Red Raiders play at home against the University of New Mexico.  Let’s get ready for some college football!

The Saddle Tramps is the oldest student spirit organization at Texas Tech University, founded in 1936.  The founders of this organization brought about many of the University’s traditions, and it is involved in service to the school and Lubbock community.

Some Saddle Tramp projects include raising money to buy the first forty band uniforms, helping to obtain the fountain and TTU seal at the Broadway Street campus entrance, and helping restore the Tech Dairy Barn in the early 1990’s through monetary donations.

Game-day traditions include wrapping the Will Rogers & Soapsuds “Riding into the Sunset” statue in red crepe paper, and ringing the victory bells for thirty minutes after every home football, men’s basketball, and baseball win. The bells are also rung for every Tech Big 12 Championship win, and after every graduation.  They also make the Homecoming bonfire, and conduct a torchlight parade at the beginning of the bonfire for the Carol of Lights.

Saddle Tramp Jim Gaspard created the university’s costumed mascot Raider Red, based on a character by Dirk West.  During each mascot’s tenure, the identity of the person playing Raider Red is unknown to everyone but the Saddle Tramps.

This uniform is from 1936-1937, and consists of red flannel pants, a button-down over-shirt, and a tank under-shirt.  The back of the button-down shirt has a black, felt megaphone applique with “Tech” stitched on top.  The under-shirt displays a faded black “T” printed on the front.


Object of the Day

Texas Technological College Arena Ritas Uniform, 1929

This two-piece uniform belonged to a member of the  Arena Ritas, the first pep squad at Texas Tech.  The uniform consists of a bolero jacket and skirt made of black corduroy.  The bolero-like jacket is open down the front, and is worn with a shirt underneath.  The sleeves have red, cotton satin appliques on the shoulders and cuffs.  The flared, knee-length skirt has five inverted pleats of bright red, cotton satin.

Courtesy of The University Archives at Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

The Arena Ritas perform at half-time at a Texas Technological College football game.  To see this and other original photographs of TTU history, please visit The University Archives at Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library campus location in Lubbock, Texas.