They Weren’t Always White

They Weren’t Always White:                                                                                    Wedding Attire from the Museum’s Collection               

June 2011- May 2012

The exhibit “They Weren’t Always White” showcases 45 wedding dresses, going away suits and trousseau pieces.  Due to the general condition of textiles and space, the exhibit has been broken up into four different sections over the duration of one year.  Over a year of planning has gone into stabilizing gowns, constructing custom support garments and customizing mannequins for each gown.

Gowns switch out every three months with a new center gown every  month  in conjunction with the First Friday Art Trail

June 2011- August 2011                          1830s-1880s

September 2011- November 2011            1890s-1900s

December 2011- February 2012                1910s-1920s

March 2012- May 2012                             1930s-1940s

Visitors at the museum and here can vote for their favorite wedding dress. Dresses with the most votes will return for the last month of the exhibit.

Voting has now closed

The results of the voting can be see here.


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