Past Exhibits

They Weren’t Always White, June 2011- May 2012

The exhibit “They Weren’t Always White: Wedding Attire from the Museum’s Collection” showcases 45 wedding dresses, going away suits and trousseau pieces from the 1830s to the 1940s.

Do You Call This a Doll?, November 2010-January 2011

A interesting look at why people collect things using the museums doll collection. Most people collect and display something in their lives. It might be a collection of family photos or salt and pepper shakers, but why do people donate their collections to museums?

They Weren’t Always White Sneak Preview, May-August 2010

A sneak preview of three dresses in anticipation of the year long Wedding Dress exhibit which will go up from June 2011 to May 2012.

Fashion Scrapbook: 20th Century Apparel, October 2000-January 2001

The museum takes a look back over the past hundred years to see how fashion has changed. With over forty outfits on exhibit, it gives visitors a chance to see what life was like in the 20th century.

Embroidery from Around the World, May-November 1999

Using the museums ethnographic material, historical costumes and textile collections, the museum has put together this exhibit that focuses on the different regional styles, both in in terms of embroidery techniques and the embroidery styles and designs, developed around the world.

Flapper Wraps: The Flamboyant 1920s, June-December 1995

An exhibit showcasing the wonderful flapper fashions in our collection. With over 30 dress on exhibit, its shows the elaborate fashions of the time.