Object of the Day

Civil War Era Appliqued Quilt, 1860s

Made by Susan Robb

This appliquéd, embroidered, and quilted “Civil War” quilt was made by Susan Robb when her two stepsons, Theodore F. and Wm. Henry joined the Confederate army in early 1860s. Susan created this elaborate appliquéd quilt around 1862 when the outcome of the War Between the States was still unclear and she was hoping for the victory of the South. Surrounded by eight medallion blocks of pomegranate and tulip flowers encircling a “mariner’s compass” in the center is a pictorial depiction of two rows of Confederate soldiers under two Confederate flags, and her hope for the victorious return of her stepsons was symbolically represented by the pelican kicking the eagle off the pole.

Detail of the center design


Treasured by the Robb family members for over 100 years, the quilt was donated to the Museum in 1983. To date, several Robb family reunions have included a visit to the Museum to view and appreciate the beautiful work Grandma Susan created.

Detail of the tulup pattern


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