Object of the Day

Pink Silk Polonaise Robe, 1775-1780

One of the oldest gowns in the collection is this 1775 Robe à l’Anglaise, the name means it is an English-styled gown. It has a full skirt, and ‘robe’ that closes in the front but is open over the skirt. The back of the bodice comes to a point and is sewn into the skirt.


Object of the Day

Yellow Tulle Formal, 1934

Lorene Childers wore this gown in 1934 for a presentation ball when she was president of the Ko Shari social club on the Texas Tech campus. Twenty-two ladies descended an eighteen-foot stairway from the top of a simulated Mayan temple to encircle the ballroom for the Grand March led by Lorene and her escort.  At least 500 locals and college students witnessed this special event.

From the 1934 Texas Tech year book, Ms Childers can be seen front center